Technician Outsourcing 
Property Management 

  • Projects & operational managemnt of industrial and comertials projects outsourcing.   


Project Managements   

  • Certification of industrial installations 
  • Certification of domestic installations
  • P.A.T (Portable appliance testing of loads)
  • APF (Automatic power factor corrections)
  • Consultancy on electrical installations  


Engineering consultancy & Certifications 

Our mission is to provide to our customers a professional and comprehensive service in Electrical Engineering and Management services, a service that is cost effective and efficient.

Electronics designs & repairs  

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Mon-Fri 7am-6PM EST, Sat 7am- 1pm 

  • Programing of PLC (Logic controllers)
  • control panels 
  • Repairs on inverters power boards 
  • design of electronic circuits.
  • Automatic motor starters 


  • Bio-Medical Engineering
  • Industrial Electronics
  • Farming Technologies Engineering
  • Industrial & Domestic Installations 


  • Leasing of property 
  • Inventory listing 
  • General Repairs